RFID Reader for Warehouse Tracking [New Products]

RFID Reader for Warehouse Tracking [New Products]

The new version of Feig Electronics’ UHF Long Range Reader—the LRU1002—adds new capabilities, easier installation and integration with RAIN RFID and FEIG’s reader and antenna product family.

With a range of up to 40 feet, the UHF Long Range Reader is designed for systems where the reading distance and the number of tags read simultaneously are important, such as warehouse forklift/logistics tracking and automatic vehicle identification.

New features include:

• Configuration Cloning—Reader configurations are stored on USB stick drives for quick copy and transfer to other readers.

• Full external UHF multiplexer support—The LRU1002 Long Range Reader supports ID ISC.ANT.UMUX 8 Channel Multiplexer. The antenna cable now supplies connection and multiplexer power.

• At-a-glance Antenna Indicators—LED indicators show active, reading events, and event mismatches. 

For these applications, the new LRU1002 Long Range Reader also has a battery-based real-time clock, and an improved Wiegand interface, which makes the reader compatible with common access control systems. An optional Wiegand switch allows two-lane monitoring.

Feig Electronics Inc.

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