Robotic Sorter [New Products]

Robotic Sorter [New Products]

Opex Corp. has introduced Sure Sort, a highly scalable and configurable single item sorting system.

Sure Sort is a robotic eaches and small item sorter that delivers a variety of items into a compact array of customizable sort locations. It is designed to reduce touches and the amount of transfers and conveyors required to run existing sorters. Regardless of size, packaging, or orientation of an item, Sure Sort will scan items and deliver each piece in a single pass.

Sure Sort features smart automation based on iBOT delivery technology, the same technology that drives the OPEX Mail Matrix and Perfect Pick. Designed with ergonomics in mind, Sure Sort is suitable for small businesses looking for a cost-effective entry into warehouse automation as well as large fulfillment operations looking to streamline their process.

Opex Corp.


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