Robotic Tow Tractor [New Products]

Robotic Tow Tractor [New Products]

Yale has introduced the MO70T tow tractor, which utilizes Driven by Balyo robotic lift truck technology to autonomously navigate through warehouse environments and execute mission-critical load transportation tasks.

Suitable for sequencing applications in assembly operations and stock replenishment, the MO70T is the second robotic solution available since Yale partnered with Balyo. Both the tow tractor and the earlier MPE080-VG end rider solutions use infrastructure-free navigation technology that maps existing structural features to self-locate and navigate, without requiring tape, wires or magnets for guidance. This enables reduced startup time and costs, and easy adjustment to changing layout configurations.

By using robotic lift trucks, operations can achieve “cobotics,” with employees and machines working side-by-side, allowing people to focus on more valuable roles, leaving repetitive, low value-added tasks to the robotic lift trucks. Both Driven by Balyo models from Yale can switch to manual mode by touching a button or grabbing hold of the tiller. Once the operator leaves the truck, it resumes regularly assigned workflows.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.


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