Rollover Side Curtain Airbags [New Products]

Rollover Side Curtain Airbags [New Products]

Scania has introduced rollover side curtain airbags that deploy to protect those traveling in the cab if the truck rolls over.

Scania’s new truck generation can be equipped with rollover side curtain airbags integrated into the headliner molding above the doors.

A common reason for trucks rolling over is that the driver is forced to carry out evasive action to avoid an oncoming vehicle or an obstruction. If the truck then ends up off the road, there is rarely sufficient load-bearing capacity, so the vehicle may topple onto its side or even roll right over at higher speeds. Advanced systems with sensors determine when and if the rollover side curtain airbags and any other airbags should be deployed; when deployed, the airbags inflate instantaneously.



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