Rule-based WMS [New Products]

Rule-based WMS [New Products]

IQMS has introduced Advanced WMS, a rule-based warehouse management system. Advanced WMS was a collaboration between IQMS, Tessy Plastics Corp. and supply chain solution consultant Blue Horseshoe.

New features in the Advanced WMS package include:

• Directed Task Monitoring System, which helps reduce labor and save time with rule-based, directed pick up and put away transactions.

• Wave Management: Task interleaving tools help replace deadhead trips with milk runs for JIT pick up.

• Dock Scheduler and Staging: Schedule one dock or two dozen based on pick tickets or expected receipts with this graphical calendar display.

• Expected Receipts: Manage expected receipts based on vender ASN information or PO releases.

• Slotting Optimization: Users can assign inventory classes to their items and then store them in the most optimal locations in the warehouse based on speed of movement. Reduce out of stock and expired materials or parts with LIFO, FEFO and FIFO options.

Advanced WMS is native to the IQMS ERP solution.


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