Safety System for Forklifts [New Products]

Safety System for Forklifts [New Products]

The Ravas RCS Overload is a safety system for forklift trucks, with an audible alarm that goes off when the weight on the forks exceeds a preset limit. The alarm only switches off once the load reduces below the limit again.

A sensor detects when the second stage of the mast is reached, allowing the system to operate at higher lifting heights as well. It helps the driver to avoid overloading his truck, or overloading customer’s vans and trailers.

RCS Overload is the basic product in the RAVAS SafeLine, a product that provides both weight and forklift stability information. It uses input from an RCS-like hydraulic sensor and a set of sensors that measure the moment forces from load center position and mast tilt, to present stability information in the display. A led bar below the weight display will go from green (safe lifting), via yellow, to red (unsafe lifting: risk of tipping over). The led bar stability indication is enhanced by the color of the weight display (green backlight in safe situations, red backlight in unsafe situations).



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