Serialized Security Label [New Products]

Serialized Security Label [New Products]

Covectra has launched its patented StellaGUARD security label, which is embedded with stars that are arranged in unique and random patterns and contain a serialized GS1 2-D barcode. StellaGUARD is designed to enable real-time authentication and serialized pedigree tracking through the use of a mobile app.

The StellaGUARD label can be applied to any package and material, and was developed in anticipation of the EU’s 2019 Falsified Medicines Directive requirement for tamper evident seals on all pharma and over-the-counter primary packages.

The security label is integrated with Covectra’s EPCIS Certified AuthentiTrack database, which enables the StellaGUARD label to be used not just for rapid authentication, but also for diversion detection and isolation as well.

Using smartphone technology a user can scan the 2-D barcode with a mobile device, and a photographic image is taken with the smart phone. The app’s software then identifies and validates the barcode. Upon authentication, product information and customized marketing messages can also be displayed by the brand owner.



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