Shadow Hook Design for Vehicle Restraint [New Products]

Shadow Hook Design for Vehicle Restraint [New Products]

Rite-Hite has introduced the Dok-Lok SHR-5000 vehicle restraint, which uses a patented “shadow hook” design to secure traditional trailers, as well as intermodal container chassis and trailers with rear-impact guard obstructions. The universal design of the Dok-Lok SHR-5000 is intended to meet the evolving needs of loading dock operators and the rise in intermodal container traffic.

When the Dok-Lok SHR-5000 is activated, the hook attempts to wrap around the rear-impact guard. If the hook comes in contact with a rear-impact guard obstruction, the shadow hook pivots to secure the trailer in place. If the trailer moves, the shadow hook locks in the safety stop, which helps prevent a wide variety of trailer separation accidents.

The Dok-Lok SHR-5000 is also a physical theft deterrent and can interface directly with security systems to help prevent trailer theft. It features a corrosion-resistant finish and an IP-66 rated motor to prevent water and dust infiltration.

It comes standard with the Rite-Vu Light Communication System, which provides constant communication of restraint status to the truck driver, forklift operator and loading dock personnel.

Rite-Hite Corp.


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