Shipment Visibility App [New Products]

Shipment Visibility App [New Products]

Elemica has introduced Elemica Track, a mobile application that provides visibility into shipments transacting through Elemica’s Enhanced Transport Visibility solution. Users can monitor shipments from anywhere, identifying where they are in the execution process with access to detailed information for shipments that need attention.

Elemica Track gathers rich, quality data from across the network and presents it on mobile devices in an easy-to-view, easy-to-use format. Users can search for shipments by status—whether open, confirmed, in-transit or delivered—by order numbers, or by company name. The application provides simple navigation for shipments as users can swipe through pickup and delivery stops, see products and quantities in-transit, watch shipments progression, and specify desired timeframe from one week to months out.

Elemica Mobile Track provides:

• Anytime, anywhere access to valuable information.

• Visibility of shipments tendered but not accepted.

• Highlighted expected late shipments.

• Intuitive navigation of shipment list by status.

• Stop-by-stop shipment information.

• Filtering of shipments by reference number, shipper or carrier.

Current Elemica customers using Enhanced Transport Visibility can download Elemica Track via Google Play and Apple iTunes. Enhanced Transport Visibility enables proactive alerts and data visualization tools to complement Elemica’s automation and collaboration solutions for transport execution.



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