Shipping & Fulfillment Platform for 3PLs [New Products]

Shipping & Fulfillment Platform for 3PLs [New Products]

GrandCanals has introduced the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud for 3PLs, a purpose-built analytics platform that helps third-party logistics providers manage and optimize their fulfillment and shipping across all modes, including small-parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload, air freight, and ocean.

Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud for 3PLs is a SaaS application that enables analytics-driven fulfillment. The solution was purposely built to improve direct-to-customer fulfillment. Key features include:

• Fulfillment analytics and modeling of shipping modes, powered by data science.

• Fulfillment and carrier data normalization technology with FD-Mapper.

• Robust customer management for 3PLs to provide value-added fulfillment intelligence to their customers.



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