Slip Sheet Attachment for Forklifts [New Products]

Slip Sheet Attachment for Forklifts [New Products]

B&B Attachments has introduced the Fork Mounted Push Pull to help unload containerized products that are not on pallets. With the use of slip sheets under the product, the push pull attachment can unload a container efficiently, using minimum numbers of staff with only one truck.

The fork mounted attachment can be connected to a conventional forklift truck for pallet-less handling. It can then be disconnected to allow the forklift to return to handling pallets.

It is designed to enable safe, productive handling of pallet-less materials in applications such as beverage handling, general cargo handling, bagged goods, fruit and corrugated box handling. Options include load push, push pull and push pull with sheet retention. Side shift is optional on dedicated models.

The slip-on model is designed for applications requiring the intermittent use of a slip-sheet. This attachment can be fitted to the forklift’s original forks within minutes by the truck operator, without the use of specialized tools or hydraulic equipment. It can also be fitted to the truck with a load backrest in place.

B&B Attachments Ltd.


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