Smart Kanban/VMI System [New Products]

Smart Kanban/VMI System [New Products]

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has launched a new smart Kanban/VMI system to manage stock and replace the need for manual counting, flags, labels and cards.

The smart bin technology has been designed to provide a solution to inventory replenishment issues, sending automated alerts and re-order notifications to suppliers to eliminate the need for counting trips, safety stock and emergency orders. It aims to keep lines up and running, boost supply chain productivity and grow bottom-line revenues.

Powered by Trajectory Cloud, a secure business intelligence platform that integrates and connects existing systems, the Actylus smart bin system is designed to improve productivity, visibility, reliability and accessibility throughout a business operation. The Trajectory Cloud is able to monitor the Actylus system to see when items need restocking, simultaneously tracking usage patterns and trends through a reporting system. Inventory levels can be checked via phone or e-mail anytime and anywhere.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies

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