Smart System for Electronic Component Handling [New Products]

Smart System for Electronic Component Handling [New Products]

Kardex Remstar has introduced Power Pick Global Smartpick 5200 software for the storage and retrieval of SMD (surface mounted device) electronic components.

The solution is suitable for electronics manufacturers who have numerous production lines in operation at the same time and require a large quantity of different SMD reels. Even if the entire process is highly complex, the aim of Kardex Remstar is to speed up and simplify the handling of SMD reels. Smooth interaction of the storage unit, such as the Megamat RS vertical carousel or the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM), plus software and intelligent process planning, are all success factors associated with the retrieval solution from Kardex Remstar. The storage units can be installed centrally in the production environment and occupy up to 85% less floor space.

The storage and retrieval process is controlled by Kardex Remstar Power Pick Global Smartpick 5200 software, which has been specially designed for electronics production. Smartpick 5200 permanently records the stock levels in the warehouse and monitors the movement data of stored goods as well as the length of time they are used. The system documents the different materials that have been assigned to different production orders, identifies the availability of components, and can reserve goods needed for upcoming orders. Any missing stock is reported immediately and the material is ordered.

Smartpick 5200 also facilitates the parallelization of retrieval and production processes. The pickers can retrieve the SMD reels from the storage units, load them onto a cart for transport to production, and then return them to the storage space once the populating process is complete.

Kardex Remstar LLC

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