Spend Automation Solution [New Products]

Spend Automation Solution [New Products]

SciQuest Inc. has introduced enhancements to its spend automation suite to provide procurement professionals with increased flexibility, control and analytics tools that can be accessed on mobile devices. Control of spend management and critical workflow processes can be accessed instantly to improve spend management, tighten sourcing and increase productivity throughout the contract lifecycle.

Total Contract Manager is a new solution that helps clients optimize the entire lifecycle of their contracts. The benefits begin with a single contract repository that is integrated on SciQuest’s source-to-settle platform and continue throughout the authoring, negotiation, approvals and execution of contracts. Total Contract Manager leverages a free Microsoft Word app which gives end users a familiar user interface ensuring rapid adoption.

eProcurement mobile app enhancements put the power of spend management in the procurement practitioner’s hands, featuring single-sign-on support to facilitate fast and secure approvals on iOS and Android devices.

New Sourcing Director features allow clients to expand control and management of the sourcing process. Practitioners can now assign a weight to quality and price to analyze and determine “best value.” Reverse auctions (currently in beta) allows clients to setup and execute auctions and then evaluate results using existing Sourcing Director features.

A new Quick Quote request wizard can help save time and resources with simplified requisition process. Enhanced reporting and ToolTips functionality help practitioners avoid confusion and mistakes by providing buyers with additional information.



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