Steel Box Trucks [New Products]

Steel Box Trucks [New Products]

Akro-Mils has introduced new steel Box Trucks with Counterbalanced Gas Springs.

Designed to provide ergonomic improvement and a safety feature, the Box Trucks’ gas springs allow the steel lid to lift easily and not fall back down. Available in four sizes, Akro-Mils Box Trucks also are available with a chain closure option. Lids accommodate padlocks for added security.

Akro-Mils’ all-welded steel Box Trucks are suitable for frequent loading and unloading of parts, supplies or scrap.

Box Trucks are powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance. Solid-sided trucks (interior dimensions: 30-1/2" H x 24" D) have 13-gauge steel sides and 2" hemmed edges. Mesh-sided trucks (31-1/2 " H x 25" D) are made from #13 expanded metal with a 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" angle frame.

Akro-Mils Box Trucks are equipped with two swivel and two rigid casters. 5" polyolefin casters support the truck’s 1,800-lb. weight capacity.



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