Straight Wall Modular Containers [New Products]

Straight Wall Modular Containers [New Products]

Buckhorn Inc. has launched a new line of material handling products aimed at the automotive market. The new straight wall stack-only modular containers are designed for closed-loop shipping, in-process handling and storage.

With more than 17 sizes to choose from, the new containers also have a new, lighter structural rib design that provides strength with less material, reducing the tare weight of the containers. The containers are injection molded of HDPE for impact, moisture and chemical resistance. Same or mixed sizes can cube Buckhorn’s pallet and top cap systems for space savings.

The containers feature improved ergonomic handles with a larger radius for easier grasping, even when wearing gloves. The perimeter dust skirt prevents dust from setting in the boxes stacked underneath, and there is an optional textured label area on up to four sides for easy label changing.

The new 48” x 45” Romeo pallet and top cap are specially designed to transport the straight wall containers with extra strength, stability and product protection, from top to bottom. Optional built-in pallet lock seat belts wrap around the boxes and lock into the cap for more load stability. The pallets also lock into the ribs on the top cap surface for secure stacking. The pallet has a ventilated deck style and a sturdy, one-piece structural foam design that is 10 lbs. lighter than before. It features ergonomic hand holes for easy lifting, while the fork tine cutouts in the 1” lip reduce the chance of forklift damage.

Buckhorn Inc.


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