Stretch Hood Machine [New Products]

Stretch Hood Machine [New Products]

The Lachenmeier Multi FleXL stretch hood machine is designed to effectively secure and maintain the integrity of tall and wide pallet loads throughout the supply chain.

With larger loads, such as roofing panels, plasterboard sheeting, insulation batts, MDF or gypsum boards, corrugated sheets and wooden boards, proper load containment can be a real challenge. Selecting the right type, size and thickness of stretch hood film and how it’s applied is critical to ensure the load will withstand the static and dynamic forces caused by handling, impacts, and vibrations during transit.

Lachenmeier’s Multi FleXL stretch hood machine provides the necessary protection and force to stabilize challenging loads. The machine wraps loads from 500 x 500 mm and up to 3200 length x 1700 width mm, with a maximum height of 3000 mm. It can be configured with up to four different film sizes and be set up to automatically switch between sizes to provide enhanced flexibility and a perfect fit for every load. It can wrap up to 150 loads an hour, depending on the size and height of the product.



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