Supply Chain Business Intelligence Platform [New Products]

Supply Chain Business Intelligence Platform [New Products]

Rehrig Pacific Co. has launched its newest technology platform, RVision, to its supply chain customers. The RVision platform was designed to provide actionable business intelligence that will help users to maximize their return on investment of their reusable transport packaging assets through improved productivity gains, better asset utilization and consumer engagement.

Rehrig Pacific products powered by RVision can provide real-time visibility and traceability, increase velocity to market, mitigate risk through faster response time, identify supply chain bottlenecks, reduce asset loss, improve asset utilization, and reduce waste.

As a part of RVision testing and validation, Rehrig Pacific tagged nearly 300,000 assets for PepsiCo with tracking RFID technology. More than 1 million trips were recorded through the company’s distribution territory in the Southeastern U.S., across seven production facilities. Increased visibility, awareness, and data resulted in reduction of asset repurchase rates by 25%, year over year.

Rehrig Pacific Co.


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