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JDA AI Powered SCM Platform

Supply Chain Management Platform

JDA Software Inc. has opened up its end-to-end supply chain portfolio as a development platform.

JDA Software Inc. has opened up its end-to-end supply chain portfolio as a development platform. JDA’s AI-powered Supply Chain Management (SCM) Platform will enable customers as well as application development and technology partners to create applications on top of JDA’s solutions for the first time.

Bringing the power of digital assets such as sensor and streaming data (both internally and externally)—as well as AI/machine learning from Blue Yonder—on one open platform will help enhance users’ business decisions and unify vast and complex supply chains. With JDA’s SCM Platform, users can tap into JDA Luminate Control Tower as the network visibility backbone. Luminate Control Tower allows companies to see, interpret and act on real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem, sensing unexpected events across the extended supply chain and orchestrating corrective action with ML-based prescriptive guidance.

With an intelligent and efficient API-led architecture powered by MuleSoft, users can solve complex challenges from planning to execution, while leveraging the power of AI/machine learning and optimization. JDA’s SCM Platform and ecosystem runs on Microsoft Azure.

The JDA SCM Platform enables users to connect their core enterprise and SaaS-based applications together, and unites planning, execution and delivery capabilities from end-to-end. Based on Microsoft Azure, the platform provides hyper-scalable, robust and reliable services, supporting ingestion, harvesting, validation and sharing of supply chain digital assets.




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