Supply Chain Network Visualization [New Products]

Supply Chain Network Visualization [New Products]

Supply Dynamics has introduced SDX SupplyMap, which provides intelligent data visualization that allows companies to monitor their entire value chain.

This solution, part of the SDX 8.0 platform, allows users to:

Understand and optimize make/buy relationships.

Utilize heat maps to determine demand and supply patterns and hot spots.

Identify alternative sourcing options in the event of a supply disruption or natural disaster.

Monitor real-time supply chain events and patterns as they happen and proactively implement contingency plans.

Drill down on individual supplier icons to view their role in the supply network, understand the parts they produce, raw material requirements and any network dependencies.

Filter by part attribute to understand part description, special processes and raw materials consumed.

SDX 8.0 enables the standardization of outside special processes and raw materials by form, alloy, grade, spec. and size, helping an OEM to eliminate risk, consolidate the purchases of common raw materials across its value chain, and minimize the number of unusual inventory items.

Supply Dynamics


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