Supply Chain Risk Management for Food Industry [New Products]

Supply Chain Risk Management for Food Industry [New Products]

TraQtion, a subsidiary of NSF International, has introduced its quality management software aimed at helping track compliance and risk across suppliers, products and sites for food and beverage retailers, restaurants and manufacturers. The TraQtion solution can be used as a stand-alone compliance tool or optionally combined with NSF’s managed services to go beyond compliance and use data to meet business goals.

TraQtion uses the user’s own thresholds and requirements to determine risk levels for suppliers, products and sites. Using these thresholds, TraQtion alerts clients of higher-risk profile suppliers, products and sites for quick follow-up actions, which helps protect consumers and the client’s brand.

An intelligent-compliance engine continually checks and sends alerts to provide at-a-glance visibility to potential risks and critical responses. Advanced product specification management helps customers track all product-related information, and share information collaboratively with the entire supply chain. A product inspection module is available for automatic identification of in-spec and out-of-spec products through testing and inspections. Advanced dashboards provide a visual overview of a company’s quality and compliance program. A color-coded compliance rating for suppliers, products and sites helps identify any issues



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