Temperature-Monitoring Label [New Products]

Temperature-Monitoring Label [New Products]

Avery Dennison has introduced TT Sensor Plus, which is a credit card-sized label that can track temperatures during a product’s supply chain journey.  

TT Sensor Plus uses the latest temperature data logging technology to provide brand owners the ability to collect data regarding the temperature ranges their goods are subjected to during shipping. These analytics allow them to make decisions regarding if the item’s quality has been compromised.

This credit-card sized label can be adhered to or placed inside a shipping package. Its sensor logs temperature data at regular intervals, and stores that data in an embedded Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip powered by a built-in battery.

The data is accessible at any point in the journey. A user can tap the label with an NFC-enabled Android smartphone or tablet loaded with a free, purpose-built, Avery Dennison app.

TT Sensor Plus is intended for use with products such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals and polymers.

Avery Dennison


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