Tier 4 Diesel Engine [New Products]

Tier 4 Diesel Engine [New Products]

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA) has introduced a new GCT ZD30 Tier 4 diesel engine in its G04 series 8,000- to 11,000-pound capacity, pneumatic-tire lift trucks. The new 3.0-liter, turbo ZD30 diesel engine, designed by UCA’s wholly owned subsidiary, Global Component Technologies (GCT), delivers increased fuel efficiency of approximately 10% versus the prior engine design, and reduces emissions below EPA Tier 4 standards.

Standard features of the GO4 Series and its new ZD30 engine include:

• Electronic engine control

• Common-rail fuel injection

• Cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

• Diesel oxidation catalyst

• Diesel particulate filter

• New meter panel

• High/low maximum speed selector

• Power/economy acceleration mode selector

• Engine and transmission protection system.

The engine delivers dependable cold-weather starts as well as enhanced reliability. The G04 truck design offers ruggedness due to an oversized, heavy-duty differential and drivetrain, as well as thick mast rails.

G04 models powered by the ZD30 engine are not available for use in California.

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA)

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