Tool Storage Solutions [New Products]

Tool Storage Solutions [New Products]

Sovella has expanded its Perfo-Stor line of tool storage systems to include perforated panels, which can be attached to either slotted uprights or directly to a wall, as well as industrial screening, and over 75 varieties of hooks and tool holders.

The TKT Tool Storage Units are freestanding units that hold up to 10 Sovella perforated panels, allowing for hundreds of square feet of tool storage on only 21 square feet of floor space. There is a caster on the lower edge of each panel, making them easy to move. Each perforated panel is able to hold 220 pounds of tools and equipment, with a maximum of 2,200 pounds per TKT Storage Unit.

Tools can be stored using Sovella's large selection of hooks and tool holders.

These tool storage products are designed to touch on all five of the 5S philosophies: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Sovella USA

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