Trade Compliance Solution [New Products]

Trade Compliance Solution [New Products]

QuestaWeb Inc. has introduced TradeGearQW to meet the needs of companies concerned about trade compliance.

With TradeGearQW, companies can acquire everything from the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Schedule B codes to Harmonized System codes for a single country to a standalone decision engine for landed cost calculations to an advanced product compliance database.

TradeGearQW is a web-native solution that harnesses the Internet and facilitates collaboration among supply chain partners. Its solutions consistently enforce defined business rules and draw on the most up-to-date compliance content available. QuestaWeb offers a range of integration services as well.

Key TradeGearQW features include:

Regulatory tariff schedules for over 147 countries

Product classification engine

Rules, regulations, origins and more for over 300 Free Trade Agreements

Foreign Trade Agreement decision engine

Landed cost engine

Denied party screening tool with audit trails

Intelligence engine for OGA/PGA requirements

Compliance product database.



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