Truck-Mounted Forklift [New Products]

Truck-Mounted Forklift [New Products]

Manitou’s TMM (Truck Mounted Mast) is a complete range of truck-mounted forklifts that is available in four models: 2T or 2.5T bi or multi-directional.

The TMT includes five units from 2.5T to 2.7T with different versions depending on the applications: industrial, all-terrain (with stabilizers) and poultry. These specifics closely meet the requirements of these different working environments.

The mechanically-welded chassis, the numerous protective devices for the hydraulic and hose components, and the paint, with a primary anti-corrosion layer, are designed to help ensure the longevity and reliability of the equipment, particularly when exposed to bad weather.

The TMM can be fitted with telescopic forks, an extender or both combined. As for the TMM itself, the telescopic boom moves laterally by 135 mm for greater usage flexibility without adding any attachments. Using this boom, the TMT can unload a platform from a single side without any additional equipment.



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