Two-Wheeled Keg Handler with Powered Lift [New Products]

Two-Wheeled Keg Handler with Powered Lift [New Products]

The Keg Lifter from Lift’n Buddy is designed to help improve productivity while reducing the risk of injury in a wide range of keg handling applications. The Keg Lifter is as simple to use as a conventional 2-wheel hand truck, but provides the added benefit of powered lifting.

In operation, a worker wheels the Keg Lifter up to a keg until its sturdy lifting bracket positively engages the keg’s top handle. The bracket design ensures the keg is held firmly and securely in place while lifting, lowering and transporting. The design of the Keg Lifter allows it to be moved in two ways: for longer distances it tilts back like a conventional two-wheel hand truck; or in confined and congested spaces it can be maneuvered with all four wheels on the ground. The Keg Lifter is free-standing even when loaded and lifted.

Lift controls are mounted to the drive/steer handle and for easy reach. Kegs are raised quickly at the touch of button. The oversized lift controls can be operated easily even when wearing gloves.

The lift motor provides ample power for a full shift’s use. An 110V battery charger is included.

Lift’n Buddy


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