Unit Level Serialization Solution [New Products]

Unit Level Serialization Solution [New Products]

Covectra has launched an entry level serialization system, AT Prime, to assist with EU and U.S. regulatory requirements.

With built in flexibility, providing aggregation to the case and pallet level, AT Prime offers an out-of-box solution for pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage and consumer goods industries in need of solutions for evolving regulatory requirements both in Europe and the U.S.

The system, which enables compliance with EU FMD serialization requirements, includes access to Covectra’s cloud-based AuthentiTrack for downloading directly to a server to provide serialized data to the packaging line, and to a printer for the primary package. The AT Prime solution also includes an interface to AT Cloud, a GS1 certified EPCIS database, which can be used to support supply chain, 3rd party connectivity and regulatory compliance.

The AT Prime solution, which is based on open industry standards, supports a range of industrial printers and vision solutions.



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