Universal Element for Conveyor Crossings and Diverters [New Products]

Universal Element for Conveyor Crossings and Diverters [New Products]

Avancon has introduced the OTU (Omni-directional Transfer Unit) for conveyor crossings and diverters. Similar to a railway track, all goods are guided into different directions by moving in line of a natural curve or a crossing with OTU.

The OTU is capable of moving goods in almost any direction and can be used as infeeds, switches, diverters, crossings, transfers, sorters and so on. These OTUs can be universally combined to OTU tables in any length and width, adjusted respectively to the largest product to be conveyed as cardboard boxes or plastic boxes or anything else with flat bases.

Such an OTU table can be installed in any conveyor construction because the individual assembled OTU elements are all pushed onto a substructure of aluminum profiles; no other attachments are necessary. So the user can either screw the whole assembled table between or under the frame construction of each conveyor track.

This OTU-element is also available with a fixed direction, slightly to the right or slightly to the left, for the lateral move of different sizes of goods before a barcode reader.

Avancon North America Corp.


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