Universal Side-Flexing Modular Conveyor Belt [New Products]

Universal Side-Flexing Modular Conveyor Belt [New Products]

Emerson's Power Transmission Solutions has introduced its System Plast 2257 Series side-flexing modular plastic belt for unit handling. The new belt features a patent-pending universal design that allows both left and right turns, and S-curves.

Series 2257 belt is injection molded with the new proprietary NG Evo thermoplastic or long wearing XPG low-friction acetal. It is available in a one inch (25.4 mm) pitch, in standard widths of nine to 24 inches, with four different clip styles to meet the retention requirements of the application. Rated for a maximum working load of 450 lb, it is designed for unit handling applications where it can maintain product orientation through turns.

Series 2257 belt handles a minimum radius as small as 17.13 inches, excellent for compact system layouts or spiral conveyors. Thermoplastic construction makes the belt highly resistant to thermal changes, corrosive chemicals and abrasion.  A low coefficient of friction and low moisture absorption allow conveyance of heavy loads with minimal horsepower.



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