Unpoppable Packaging Solution [New Products]

Unpoppable Packaging Solution [New Products]

Sealed Air Corp. has introduced its “unpoppable” Bubble Wrap IB protective packaging solution. Bubble Wrap IB is a cushion packaging material that uses specially designed air channels that transfer shock away from products and provide cushioning protection.

Bubble Wrap IB is shipped flat and inflated on premise and on demand by the customer, using the NewAir I.B. Express inflatable cushioning system. Using the machine, customers can inflate the flat sheets of patented polymeric film, as needed. Doing so enables them to inflate only what they need, minimizing material usage and the storage space required.

Sealed Air’s Barrier Bubble technology extends cushioning protection for warehousing or long ship cycles, making Bubble Wrap IB unpoppable. The product provides protection in compact bubble heights and allows customers to reduce material usage. The larger bubbles minimize box size, helping companies reduce freight costs and resource consumption.

Sealed Air Corp.


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