Voice-Enabled Smart Glasses for the Warehouse [New Products]

Voice-Enabled Smart Glasses for the Warehouse [New Products]

Vuzix Corp. has partnered with Sensory to deliver TrulyHandsfree voice recognition on the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses to improve the efficiency of workflows in warehouses and other use cases. The voice trigger, command and control operations with Sensory utilize embedded speaker ID and speaker verification technology based on deep machine learning technology.

The M300 integrated with Sensory technology enables hands-free voice navigation of the user interface and is highly accurate even in high-noise conditions, allowing the user to speak commands such as, “go to menu,” “confirm pick” and many others. Enterprise users will be able to create company specific libraries of commands to complete core tasks.

With Sensory TrulyHandsfree, the ultra-low-power voice recognition technology is embedded within the device and does not require an Internet connection.

Vuzix Corp.

Sensory Inc.

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