Warehouse and Transportation Solutions [New Products]

Warehouse and Transportation Solutions [New Products]

Manhattan Associates Inc. has introduced the Manhattan Active Supply Chain Solution suite, which includes Manhattan Active Distribution, solutions that focus on warehouse and labor management, and Manhattan Active Transportation, solutions that provide logistics management and shipment visibility.

The Manhattan Active Distribution Solution includes a warehouse management system that fully embeds an option for waveless order fulfillment technology. This is designed to increase asset utilization and improve facility output, enabling warehouse facilities to process both large shipments and individual consumer orders highly efficiently. Manhattan’s Order Streaming solution has the capability to optimize both labor and equipment assets, and to work in either wave or waveless modes.

Manhattan TMS Mobile is a new mobile app that enables users to connect and engage small to medium-sized trucking firms. Part of the Manhattan Active Transportation suite, the software enables real-time shipment tracking, freight management, shipment status updates and network operations monitoring via an in-cab mobile device.

Manhattan Associates Inc.


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