Warehouse Column Protector [New Products]

Warehouse Column Protector [New Products]

Good Ideas Inc. has introduced the Defender Series Column Protector, a device to protect I-beams and other columns in sizes up to 10-1/4”x 8-1/2” from damage by forklift trucks.

The column protector consists of halves that simply clasp around the column held together with Velcro straps (included). Small impacts are deflected or absorbed. If the column is hit directly with a larger force, it’s meant to break away like a crumple zone to keep both the pillar and the Defender safe from damage.

The Defender can also be placed around light posts and other columns of like size, as well as placing halves against walls to form a barrier in high traffic zones. The unit is available in several high visibility colors.  

Good Ideas Inc.


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