Wireless Lift Forks [New Products]

Wireless Lift Forks [New Products]

The RAVAS iFork line of wireless scale forks for counterbalance, reach and narrow aisle lift trucks is now available in a version with an extra thin profile. The new RAVAS iForks XT Pro models are suitable for 3PL, warehousing and freight applications.

At 1.9” thick X 6.4”wide the iForks XT fit into the notched four-way side of a GMA pallet allowing the user to maximize the cube of their trailers.

Currently available in a 5,000 Lb. capacity at 42” and 48” lengths, the iForks XT Pro is optionally available NTEP approved CoC # 15-062. Longer lengths and higher capacities are also under development.

The addition of an iForks XT Pro mobile scale on a forklift allows two important tasks to be accomplished simultaneously: transporting and weighing. It’s no longer necessary to drive every pallet or container back and forth to a fixed floor scale.





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