Wireless Power Transfer for AGVs [New Products]

Wireless Power Transfer for AGVs [New Products]

DAIHEN Corp. has introduced D-Broad, a wireless power transfer (WPT) system for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). D-Broad is powered by WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology, and enables fast, automatic charging at multiple locations along an AGV’s route through a factory, as it transports materials and parts.

D-Broad will also serve as the basis for DAIHEN’s own material handling robot, called the AI Transfer Robot. DAIHEN developed the robot that can autonomously travel through a factory floor using navigation and control systems, rather than relying on traditional underground wire guidance. WiTricity technology enabled the wireless charging over distance from a simple charging pad mounted to the front of the AI Transfer Robot, and without requiring precise alignment or docking to the charging source.


WiTricity Corp.


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