WMS e-Fulfillment Functionalities [New Products]

WMS e-Fulfillment Functionalities [New Products]

The AccellosOne warehouse management system (WMS) from HighJump now features expanded e-commerce functionality to help customers increase supply chain efficiency and accuracy.

The fast growth of online retail has brought many operational challenges for traditional retailers and wholesale distributors. Outbound order processes cannot scale to meet order volumes of direct-to-consumer shipments; unpredictable demand creates bottlenecks in the warehouse; customer-specific packing slips can be a logistical nightmare. To address these and other hurdles to effectively managing e-fulfillment operations, the AccellosOne WMS now includes enhanced e-fulfillment order processing functionality to streamline high-volume Internet retail operations:

• Reduce picker travel time with a process for wave-planning that groups batch picks by item proximity.

• Reduce order preparation time with paper-free picking, while maintaining full item visibility throughout the order lifecycle.

• Optionally pre-define packing stations based on unique variables such as pack size or order profile.

• If the desired process includes end of line packing slip creation after the order is picked, print latency can be eliminated using proprietary “print and store” technology.

• The elimination of PCs during packing means that stations can be created on-the-fly to meet demand or workload can be dynamically redistributed. This is accomplished through behind the scenes parcel shipping and ship confirmation using mobile devices.

• Integrate pick walls, carousels, conveyors and pick to light systems into workflow.



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