Air Liquide to Power Walmart Canada's Fleet of Green Lift Trucks

July 6, 2010
Air Liquide, a provider of gases for industry, health and the environment, has been awarded a contract to supply the hydrogen, filling station and infrastructure to power retail giant Walmart's new fleet of fuel cell-powered lift trucks at its new distribution center in Alberta, Canada.

This fleet is believed to be the largest deployment of fuel cell lift trucks in Canada and the first commercial contract in hydrogen energy in the country. It is also the first fleet of its kind supplied by the Air Liquide group.

Air Liquide Canada will design a dedicated solution for material handling. It will integrate compact indoor hydrogen dispensers located throughout Walmart Canada's DC. Those dispensers will be able to supply a total of over 100 kg per day and fill vehicles in less than two minutes. This fast filling, it is anticipated, will generate a significant productivity gain compared to battery swap operations for conventional electric forklifts. Air Liquide will also supply the hydrogen, which in Canada is produced using 98% renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectricity.

Over 45 Air Liquide hydrogen stations have been installed throughout the world to date.

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