Fleet Management Firm Introduces Green Lift Truck Services

May 17, 2010
Independent fleet management firm Total Fleet Solutions (TFS) has created a new division that uses analysis tools and material handling equipment expertise to reduce the overall carbon footprint of its customers’ lift truck fleets.

According to TFS, the average 20-truck lift truck fleet produces more than 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The new program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving operational performance and reducing costs.

TFS conducts a site survey and analysis and then calculates the emissions being produced by the individual material handling assets. At the same time, the company reviews cost of ownership, usage requirements and operational dynamics. TFS completes an emissions production analysis and then identifies fleet performance metrics and evaluates fuel usage and potential conversion opportunities.

After the evaluation, TFS develops a green solution and detailed implementation plan. The company manages the entire process and provides performance reports via a secure website.

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