Crown Shows Off a Fuel Cell-Powered Lift Truck

June 30, 2009
A fuel-cell powered Crown FC 4500 Series counterbalanced lift truck was demonstrated at the recent Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium as a demonstration of how emerging fuel cell technology can be used to power industrial vehicles.

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition is a group of industry, academic and government leaders working collectively to strengthen the State’s fuel cell industry and to accelerate the transformation of the region to global leadership in fuel cell technology. The 2009 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium was held at the University Center at Kent State Park.

Eric Jensen, Crown Equipment Corp. manager of new technology research and development, observed, “Fuel cell technology has the potential to reduce costs and increase productivity for our customers. One of the biggest advantages is in the area of refueling. It typically takes two to three minutes to refill a fuel cell, compared to at least 30 minutes to change out a lead-acid battery.”

In April the company received its second grant from the State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program. The funding is to further test fuel cell-powered lift trucks at the Crown research center in Huber Heights, Ohio.

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