ProMat Preview: Lift Trucks and Mobile Equipment

ProMat Preview: Lift Trucks and Mobile Equipment

Jan. 10, 2013
A look at the lift truck and mobile equipment suppliers that will be showcasing products at the ProMat 2013.
The Big Joe J1 "Joey" combines attributes of elevating work platforms, order pickers and tuggers
in a compact vehicle design.  Developed as an alternative to rolling ladders or other larger equipment, the Joey can support tasks from general overhead maintenance to order picking.  It can elevate an operator 126" from the floor, work in aisles under 7', and can be driven at height to move from task to task.  Travel is provided by a high efficiency AC drive motor that can be programmed through the onboard LCD dash, while power comes from a 224AH AGM maintenance free battery pack that supports opportunity charging from standard 120v outlets.  The Joey features a large 31.5" x 20.5" front load tray, a stowable rear tray, and an operator's compartment that can carry up to 1,000 lbs combined.  While managers will appreciate the unit’s capability and correlating productivity benefits, drivers will enjoy precise controls, maneuverability, and stability at height.  Big Joe Products
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Applied Energy Solutions' BIT battery information transmitting device monitors battery performance and health, and alerts the user of adverse operating conditions over the entire battery life. It works with wireless RF communication to transmit data to a graphical interface that allows the user to detect patterns, identify problems, and to convert data into ready to use spreadsheets. The BIT is manufactured for all material handling environments with a rugged case construction to resist impact, water and electrolyte spills and its small size will not interfere with battery watering, removal, or lid closure. It logs critical parameters including voltage, AH, electrolyte level, temperature and total throughput.Applied Energy Solutions
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The Model 4450 3-wheel sit-down counterbalanced truck from The Raymond Corporation is designed for smooth transport of products and stacking of pallets. Its short head length reduces turn radius, making it suitable for tight spaces, such as those found in manufacturing, in warehousing and on loading docks. It can handle up to 4,000 pounds.  Selectable travel speeds enable the operator to adjust the truck to the environment. For example, an operator can reduce travel speeds while unloading a trailer and switch to higher speeds for long distance transport.
The Raymond Corporation
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Creform Corporation will focus on how products like its AGV drive unit, the BST NSI Tugger, fit into lean and continuous improvement programs.  Its control system can mobilize an entire fleet of carts for up to 50 courses, 128 commands each, programmable by onboard HMI touch screen or PC.  It can also be part of a managed AGV system with traffic control.  These units are suited for delivering carts of sequenced or kitted parts to assembly lines with very little human interface, eliminating the need for manned tuggers.  Creform Corporation
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Circle 160 or go to Lifts Inc. will introduce a new line of fully powered stackers with a lifting height of 62”
and 1,500 lbs. capacity.  The new Power Stak Lite line is a group of fully-powered, light-duty stackers with a narrow mast design and an offset control handle, providing operators with clear views of what’s in front of them. Forward and reverse “thumb” switches on both sides of the handle accommodate left- or right-hand operation.  An auto-reversing belly switch protects operators from potential injury when walking the unit backwards, while an automatic brake immediately halts travel when reversed.  A stable yet short wheel base provides maximum maneuverability, even in tight quarters.  Power is delivered by two 12-volt maintenance-free batteries.  A 110-volt built-in charger is also a standard feature.  Presto Lifts Inc.
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Stack-n-Go powered stackers from Southworth Products Corp. are built on short but stable wheelbases, providing maximum maneuverability, even in tight quarters.  Ideal for use in light manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, and retail facilities, these multi-purpose machines are designed for transporting loads on pallets and stacking loads up to 7½ feet high.  They can also serve as adjustable workstations for loading and unloading. Narrow, 62-inch-high masts and offset control handles give the operator a clear view of what’s up ahead, with virtually no blind spots.  Available in fork-over design for use with open-bottom pallets and in straddle design for use with closed-bottom pallets.  Southworth Products Corp.
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