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LP Gas Forklifts Handle up to 15,430 Pounds

May 1, 2013

Hyundai Forklift’s new 60/70L-7A series expanded-capacity LP gas forklifts, just added to its pneumatic tire, Class V product lineup, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in many applications including lumber yards, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.  With 13,230 and 15,430 lb load capacities, increased power and maximum productivity, the 60/70L-7A series are equipped with the Tier 4 certified, GM 4.3L V6 LP engine that offers 95 HP @ 2,300 rpm.  This provides greater acceleration, better gradeability and faster travel speed on tough terrains or slopes.  Hydrostatic power steering enables smooth and flexible steering, preventing overrun and kick-back. 


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