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24 Volt Electric Counterbalance Forklifts [PRODUCT]

Oct. 10, 2013

Hyundai Forklift’s 10/13/15BTR-9 series 24 volt electric counterbalance forklifts are the first of Hyundai’s 9 series forklifts to be launched in the North American market. All three 24 volt models utilize enclosed, low maintenance AC technology. Drive and pump motors ensure greater acceleration, gradeability and faster travel and lift speeds.  The Zapi controller provides smooth operation and protection for high and low voltage, overheating and fault recording.  All three units offer 2 and 3-stage masts to 236” lift and load capacities of 2,200 lbs, 2,750 lbs, 3,300 lbs, respectively. The combination of a 3-wheel design and rear wheel drive offers central pivot turning, which allows the driver to work in confined spaces such as the narrow aisles of a warehouse.  A curve control feature limits travel speed based on the turning radius, leading to a smooth, precise turning operation for the driver.  An anti-roll back system protects against machine roll backs on an incline.

Hyundai Forklift

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