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Terminal Tractors Cut Emissions and Save Fuel [Product]

Nov. 14, 2013

Kalmar Ottawa builds and sells Tier 4i-compliant terminal tractors. Staying ahead of another transition to a new generation of EPA emissions requirements that take effect in January 2015, the company is field testing prototypes equipped with engines that meet those Tier 4 Final standards.  Tier 4i-compliant Kalmar Ottawa trucks put 90 percent less particulate matter and 45 percent less nitrous oxide (NOx) into the air than those equipped with engines meeting EPA’s phased-out Tier 3 standard. Kalmar Ottawa trucks that meet the Tier 4 Final requirements will cut NOx emissions by 90 percent compared to Tier 3 engines. A Kalmar Ottawa Tier 4i truck uses three percent less fuel than one equipped with a Tier 3 engine, and similar savings are projected for those equipped with Tier 4 Final engines.

Kalmar Ottawa

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