Elwell-Parker Forklift Revival [New Product]

Feb. 12, 2014

H&K Equipment has re-launched the corporate website of the Elwell-Parker Electric Company, a 120-year-old lift truck manufacturer. This marks the first time the website has been active since being taken down in the spring of 2001. The site is intended to serve as a practical resource for customers as well as a historical archive for Elwell-Parker's legacy. It features detailed vehicle descriptions and media including brochures, guides and spec sheets for many of Elwell-Parker's most popular product lines. There is also an extensive company history that explores Elwell-Parker's role in the material handling industry across three centuries. The website also provides online contact forms for parts and service requests and will act as a gateway for industrial historians and equipment enthusiasts. Designs and technical information enable the service, repair or manufacture of any Elwell-Parker lift truck from any era, some dating back over 100 years.

H&K Equipment

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