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Forklift Energy Cost Calculator [New Products]

May 8, 2014

EnerSys launched an online calculator that allows customers to compare monthly costs of liquid propane fuel vs. electricity, using leased lift trucks, batteries and chargers. In five minutes, users can get an accurate picture of the cost of converting lift truck fleets to electric power. It is based on the principal that customers can lease batteries and chargers, paying for them as a monthly expense just as they would pay for propane fuel. This calculator incorporates the cost of leasing the lift trucks, batteries and chargers and allows customers to factor in options specific to their operations, such as number of trucks, hours of use, truck capacity, equipment type, fuel type, term of lease and interest rate. Slider bars on each field enable customers to adjust for conditions, such as changes in propane prices. The calculator allows customers to lock in prices for the lease term, so they can see monthly costs for batteries and chargers compared with propane’s fluctuations.


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