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High-Frequency Industrial Battery Chargers [New Products]

June 5, 2014

AMETEK Prestolite Power’s Eclipse II HE Series high-frequency industrial battery chargers minimize overall energy usage throughout the charge as well as in charge maintenance and idle modes.  Its high-frequency design is efficient at 93%, converting AC power to usable DC power with minimum possible impact on the utility grid.  A .95 power factor minimizes AC amp draw and thereby reduces installation costs. The design requires no more space than existing industrial chargers and is available in several different cabinet configurations to best suit the needs of each user. Both the Eclipse II HE conventional charger and Eclipse II Plus HE for opportunity and fast charging are able to recharge a fully drained lead-acid battery in eight hours or less.  The Eclipse II Plus HE opportunity charging function sustains the battery between 30% and 80% state of charge via short, opportunistic charges and is able to fully charge a battery in six hours or less. 

AMETEK Prestolite Power

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