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Electric-Hydraulic Motor Extends Forklift Operating Range [New Products]

July 2, 2014

KersTech Vehicle Systems collaborated with researchers at Oregon Tech and NACCO Material Handling Group to build a combination electric-hydraulic motor that could extend driving range by as much as 40 percent between charges for forklifts and other vehicles that start and stop frequently. TwinTorq marries two existing and proven technologies – electric motors and hydraulic motors – in a single compact design to regenerate energy during frequent braking, then use hydraulic power for launch acceleration at low speeds when electric motors are not as efficient. The vehicle automatically switches between hydraulic and electric when hydraulic energy is depleted. Hydraulic systems are three times more efficient for regenerative braking and reusing energy at lower speeds, combining the sweet spots of both motor types for higher overall efficiency.

Oregon BEST

KersTech Vehicle Systems

NACCO Materials Handling Group

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