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Forklifts with Hard and Soft Cabins [New Products]

Oct. 2, 2014

Crown Equipment Corporation offers hard and soft cabins for the Crown C-5 Series industrial gas forklifts.  The rugged design of the hard cabin, which is constructed from tubular steel, is available for the pneumatic tire model. Available as a factory-installed option, its textured, sound-absorbing surfaces reduce noise; long, bar-style door handles provide strength and leverage for easy closing; and, two-way sliding, locking windows improve an operator’s control of their working conditions.  The soft cabin, while available as a factory-installed option, also can be purchased as an aftermarket kit for user installation. It features an acrylic top and soft rear window and doors that can be rolled up or down as weather conditions change. The soft cabin can be ordered as a full cab, a partial cab without doors, or in modular components that can be used to create a custom solution. 

Crown Equipment Corporation

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