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Retailer Adopts Forklift Fleet Management [New Products]

Oct. 16, 2014

I.D. Systems, Inc. received a series of purchase orders from Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta to roll out its PowerFleet wireless vehicle management system (VMS) on a fleet of lift trucks for a leading U.S. specialty retailer. After implementation, the retailer will have deployed PowerFleet in 18 retail and distribution sites, with another 17 sites slated for deployment over the next 12 months. The version of PowerFleet being deployed leverages the retailer's existing Wi-Fi network to communicate wirelessly with the lift trucks at each site, while the system's software and data are cloud-hosted in a secure I.D. Systems data center. Data reports are delivered automatically via email. Users can also access the system software as needed via Internet browser. As a result, the system requires virtually no support from the retailer's IT organization.

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